Mike and Rhonda Schirado, owners of Prospectors RV Park, were married in 2000 (and to this day Mike will swear he didn’t choose this particular year so he would always know how long they’d been married on each anniversary). Very quickly they welcomed two beautiful girls into their lives, making their family complete. They bought Rhonda’s parents’ home where they lived for fourteen years in Lakewood Colorado, until Mike came home from work one day and told Rhonda they needed to move out of the city. Mike grew up in North Dakota and spent his early years on a farm with dairy cows, hay fields, gardens, horses, and chickens and worked the land alongside his extended family. This dream of moving to the country and having land sounded wonderful to Rhonda but posed one big problem….how do you make a living with land now-a-days? Their solution? Purchase a campground of course!

The Schirados purchased Prospectors RV Resort in May of 2014. They knew immediately this endeavor would be a family affair with such a large property to manage. Rhonda’s brother Rick, and her nephew Jerico moved to the property with them. Along with both Mike and Rhonda's parents coming up from Denver and staying weeks on end the rebuilding of the old “Yogi Bear - Jelly Stone Park,” now Prospectors RV Resort began. 

The Royal Gorge area had a huge setback with the fire of 2013, and all of the businesses worked diligently to restore the tourism here. For the Schirado family, it has been a labor of love for the past 3 seasons. Many things on the 35 acre property were run-down or in great disrepair. Mike and Rhonda’s vision is to create the most enjoyable, family-friendly resort on “8-Mile Hill". The Gorge entrance is exactly 8 Miles from Canon City proper – hence the name “8-Mile Hill”. With the help of their families, the Schirados every day commitment to making lifetime memories for their guests is a dream come true. They hope you will join them to create vacation memories for you and your own family! We look forward to seeing you here.

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